Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blog Talk - Unk's Response

Hey guys,

Unk recently posted his response.

"I am highly aware that there are a couple of handfuls of Pro screenwriters out there trying to push the limits of their screenwriting but more than that? I'm not too sure. The proof is definitely not in the pudding which is one of the reasons I think screenwriting blogs are becoming more popular. When you read through a lot of the books and articles — by and large, there’s not a lot extra being taught. Purchase several of the best books on screenwriting and you pretty much have read most of what’s out there to learn."

It's great! Check it out.

My response will be forthcoming in a day or two.



Anonymous said...

Check out the comments- he responded to your question about Diablo Cody there.

Mystery Man said...

Thanks for that. No worries, I haven't missed anything.