Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sex and Screenwriting, Part II

Hey guys,

Part II of Sex and Screenwriting has been posted, which includes Eyes Wide Shut, Cabaret, Boys Don’t Cry, and a few others. At the end, I think a few readers and I AM so very thankful for everyone’s help:

Without Them We Wouldn't be Getting Any
I’d like to thank Jennifer van Sijll, Eric, Joe, Kelly, Randy, Rebekah, Joseph, Jeff, Erin, as well as the readers of my blog: Emily Blake, Joshua James, David Alan, James Patrick Joyce, Laura Deerfield, Purpletrex, Miriam Paschal, Pat (Gimmebreak), Christina, Matt, Nestori, DougJ, terraling, Lisa, Christian M. Howell, Seeing_I, deepstructure, Gabbagoo, James, Scott, Kevin Broom, Bob Thielke, Spanish Prisoner, Cody, Ben, Trevor, rdas7, hwee, Unknown Screenwriter, and the Anonymous Production Assistant. Their raging debates about sex in film last July on my blog provided much needed food for thought. Thanks so much, guys.