Thursday, November 23, 2006

Create TWO Characters this Weekend!

Okay, guys, I'd like to know two things:
  1. How did they meet and fall in love?
  2. Why are they embracing each other?


GimmeABreak said...

They were childhood sweethearts, separated at age 16 by the cruel fates. Their parting gifts to each other - he made her a silver locket and she gave him an embroidered handkerchief. Throughout her marriage, ten children (five of whom died before age three), famine, war, poverty and widowhood, George's locket never left Lucy's throat. George kept Lucy's handkerchief in his pocket - it dried his tears when his wife and baby daughter both died during childbirth and helped save his arm when a tourniquet was needed to stop the bleeding after an horrific farming accident.

For Lucy's 80th birthday, her sole surviving son bought her passage on a once-in-a-lifetime cruise. He wasn't well-off and could only afford one ticket for third class accommodations. She was happy though - she'd never been on a ship. George's health forced him to sell the farm - consumption was taking it's toll. He gave most of the proceeds from the sale to the Sisters of Charity orphanage but kept enough for a last hurrah - a trip on the maiden voyage of Titanic.

Finally reunited by chance (or was it repentant fates?), Lucy and George vowed that nothing would separate them again, not even an iceberg.

Mim said...


Dust covers the old family photos, and handmade afghan over the couch, and the china knick-knacks.

The door creaks open and a shaft of sunlight illuminates the dust motes that dance in the air.

DOUG (52) sticks his head inside. His body soon follows.

JENNY (47) creeps in and runs into his back when he stops.

Damn it, Doug.

MIKE (40) saunters in and pushes past Doug and Jenny.

Mom? Dad?

They're not here.

Then where are they?

She runs her finger over a picture (circa 1940's) of a young woman in a big-skirted square-dancing dress.

Isn't this the dance
contest where they met?

Mike picks up a picture of a young man with a huge grin on his face. He holds a big rifle and has one foot on the carcass of a tiger.

They met in Africa.
Dad told me when I was

He was just trying to
get you to sleep. They
met at a hospital doing
volunteer work when
they were in high school.

That's not what mom told


Heavy drapes over the windows make the room as dark as night.

Doug pulls the drapes back and Jenny gasps.

Oh no.

The elderly couple lie on the bed in each other's arms. The woman's eyes are slightly open. The man looks asleep.

Doug feels for a pulse at first one wrinkled neck, then the other. He shakes his head.

Jenny stifles a sob.

What's this?

He picks up a piece of paper from the dresser. Jenny peers over his shoulder.

It's mom's birth certificate.
She told me she lost that.

It's not just mom's.

He points to the document.

It reads: "TWIN BIRTH. BABY #1, GIRL, BORN JUNE 12, 1935. BABY #2, BOY, BORN JUNE 12, 1935."

The siblings stare at it in horror, then over at the bodies on the bed.

GimmeABreak said...

The gigolo and the vicious vixen at ninety? hehe

GameArs said...

When Zan met Jayna:

The Wonder Twins entered their golden years in style. I mean, as kids, it was all about "form of... popcicle!" and "form of... wombat!"

But these days, the cute Exxorians are just as content to battle nefarious criminals in the form of mint julep and a greyhound.

Is it weird that Zan and Jayna are brother and sister? In New Jersey, maybe, but on Exxor, the words brother and sister means "those who shall marry", much as it still does in rural parts of Mississippi...

Sometimes the famous Exxorians prefer a nap to transforming into crime-fighting forms. Or, as seen here, they enjoy a break in their favorite new form: "snugglebunnies".

wcdixon said...

Gerald and Edna meet that morning at a funeral for a mutual aquaitance. After a whirlwind day of wheelchair races and checkers, they declared their true love for each other. Vowing to 'never be apart', they slathered their hands in Crazy Glue, slid into bed, and grabbed ahold of each other. They remain together to this day.

The Moviequill said...

Frank Watkins and Helen Kowalski, otherwise known as Seat 108A and 108B of American Airlines Flight 175, met when Frank got out of his seat and helped Helen shove her Louis Vuitton carry-on bag into the overhead compartment. They became best friends.

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