Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Piecing Together Donner's Vision


Mim said...

It takes me back to film school. Did you see that one Superman mousepad that was being used?

This project was truly a labor of love. It's the first I've heard of it. How long have they been working on it? Who put it in motion? And where did the money come from?

kjb said...

Holy crap that looks like a lot of work. I gotta get this movie.

GameArs said...

Baked tape. I'm hungry.

Mystery Man said...

Mim - The push for this version has been around for at least a decade, I think. The studio put up for it. I'm sure if there had not been a Bryan Singer film this year, we wouldn't be able to see it, although I would've blogged about it, because it's fascinating to me comparing the two versions. Hell, writing the Donner post was one of the reasons I started the blog.

kjb - Be warned, it's a very very rough cut. You have to use your imagination. It's the scenes between Brando and Reeves that are worth the price, I think.

Carl - Hehehe... Me too! They're really good with scotch.

Mim said...

It's a good thing it wasn't stored near any strong magnets.

Mystery Man said...

kjb - I have to add, too, that reading the script is more revealing than watching the movie because there are even more differences than what made it into Donner's cut.


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