Sunday, May 13, 2007

MM will return in a while…

Hey guys,

Not sure exactly when I’ll be able to return. However, I will be back in time to participate in Ed Copeland’s
Star Wars blog-a-thon on May 25, and on May 27 the reviews for Jennifer Aniston’s The Senator’s Wife will be due and all of the following week, we’ll be discuss the script.

And then starting next month, we’re going to have an interactive exploration into Writing Exposition, so try to think of the best examples you know on exposition in films.

In the meantime, here’s a chance for a lot of my new readers out there to get caught up with some of my popular posts. Hope you enjoy them.



Indiana Jones 4

Indiana Jones & The City of Gods

Kaufman’s Synecdoche, NY -
Part One & Part Two

The Godfather & The Great Ones That Failed

Miriam Paschal’s superb breakdown of
Taxi Driver

Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon

Disney’s Rapunzel

Transformers Script Review

Donner’s Superman II

And of course…

The Art of Subtext!


Laura Deerfield said...

We'll miss ya.

Ann Wesley Hardin said...

The mystery plot thickens...

Mickey Lee said...

Let me guess, they located Osama's secret bunker?

Good luck, MM, we'll miss you!

Ann Wesley Hardin said...

Let's look at the bright side. We can have a party and trash the place while he's gone. He'll never know it was us.

I'm in for a keg of Stella Artois...

crossword said...

Take care, man. Hope all is well.

GameArs said...

Here come the shakes. Hurry back!