Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Ultimate Writer’s Workspace Giveaway

Hey guys,

This bit of news comes straight from the desk of my editor. I am SO going to participate. Hey, they don’t know who I am! Hehehe

Hope you're well,




The screenwriter’s foremost source for news and information offers readers over $8,500 in prizes.

In its May/June 2009 issue, Script magazine, the premier magazine for screenwriters, announced its Ultimate Writer’s Workspace Giveaway. The contest is designed to outfit one up-and-coming screenwriter with everything required to create a box-office hit-making haven. Entrants, who are at least 18 years of age and live in the continental U.S., must write a short scene -- three pages max, in any genre, with at least two and not more than eight characters -- that explains why they deserve the Ultimate Writer’s Workspace. Submissions will be accepted until midnight EST of May 31, 2009 and judged on overall creativity, along with adherence to technical requirements such as proper formatting.

Script surveyed pro and aspiring writers to amass over $8,500 in essential items. Prizes include the recently released Final Draft version 8, a robotic massage chair from Human Touch, a gorgeous leather messenger bag from Saddleback Leather company, Keurig’s Platinum Single-Cup coffee brewing system, a Writers Store gift pack, workshops with Robert McKee and the Gotham Writers’ Workshop, a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner, a collection of more than 20 books, 15 years of Script magazine back issues, and much, much more. One talented writer will be awarded the entire package in one of the most complete and functional giveaways available to aspiring screenwriters.

For 15 years, Script magazine has been the premier magazine for screenwriters, covering both the craft and business of screenwriting. Many of our articles are written by working screenwriters with films currently in theaters. Interviews with screenwriters, agents, managers, entertainment attorneys and filmmakers bring readers the complete story on writing for film. Read by agents, professional writers, aspiring writers, and industry professionals, Script’s mission is to celebrate the writer. Script magazine and its assets, including the Scriptwriters Showcase, ScriptXpert and Take A Meeting, are a part of Final Draft, Inc., producers of Final Draft software.

For more information regarding rules, regulations, and entry forms please visit


GabbaGoo said...

That single cup brewing system would look mighty fine in my kitchen...

Christina said...

I WANT IT. I'm writing the scene, starting now.

ScreenScriber said...

I'm not living in Continental US right now... but who knows... next year? ;)

Carson Reeves said...

These are always tough because how do write a self-contained 3-page scene, without context, that's any good? You basically have to write a short, which is different from a scene, so why not just ask for a short instead? I could use a new chair though, so maybe I'm in. :)

Thor said...

Thanks for the heads up, I will be attempting the scene, why the hell not. Carson is right though. 3 pages on why I deserve it. It is a tough assignment.

Merriweather said...

According to the "Rules" the winner will be chosen at random, so, I guess it doesn't really matter how good or bad your scene it.

You can also enter by mail by sending a 3 x 5 card with your information--no mention of having to send a scene.

bob said...

robo massage chair??

I'm in!!

Anonymous said...

"Why do I deserve the ultimate writer's workspace giveaway?" How vague can it be? does it mean the scene/short must include the author's actual bio, you know like writing an essay for scholarships? or does it mean just show off your chop for screenwriting on any story you want to tell?

Merriweather said...

Looks like they updated the Rules page. It no longer says that the winner will me chosen at random, and now it says the mail-in entries should include a printout of their scene.

I guess everyone who entered by mail prior to the rule change is out of luck.

The new rules also don't state exactly how the winner will me chosen. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Thanks for your posts. Entries have run the gamut from straightforward autobiography to an action scene that uses workspace items in novel ways. The only stipulations are the three pages max, in any genre, with at least two and no greater than eight characters. The prompt of explaining why you need the space is just that — a prompt. You don’t lose points for interpretation when it comes to the content of the scene.

Thanks for your comments,

QQ said...

lose the vibro-chair, throw in a mac laptop instead ;)

echomusic said...

So, I entered this contest but realized that:

1. It didn't say what format your script was supposed to be in. I sent a pdf -- figured it was a somewhat safe bet.

2. I didn't receive a confirmation screen. It was just a bunch of garbled gibberish.

I'm thinking of writing the contest creators to see if they did indeed receive my script.

susan said...

I would love a massage chair! I need to relax in my office!


Haier® Refrigerator/Freezer Color Cube A mini, 1.7 cubic foot, refrigerator and freezer to keep the champagne cold while you wait to hear from the studio.
Retail Price: $187.33 would look great in my office- then I could lock myself in...hold on where do I go potty then- well- we'll work something out.

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