Monday, October 09, 2006

Character Depth - Graham Dalton

This gem comes to us from Christina Ferguson:

One of my favorite movie characters of all time is Graham Dalton from
Sex, Lies and Videotape. He's an honest pathological liar. An impotent man obsessed with sex. A man who is able to know the female subjects he videotapes more intimately than their husbands, without touching them. He comes to town to obtain some measure of closure on a relationship he destroyed ten years earlier and ends up inspiring a naive woman to leave her deceitful husband, his former friend. In doing so, he redeems himself. All of this - while in dire need of a simple haircut.


Mystery Man said...

This was great, Christina. I particularly enjoyed the "honest pathological liar," and how well he could know one of his females subject. Beautiful!

Mim said...

That was a disturbing movie, but I like to be disturbed. I loved the way James Spader captured both the vulnerability and creepiness of that character. He went places with Graham that a lot of people would be scared to go.

Mystery Man said...

James Spader is truly fearless, isn't he? Or hard up for money. Hehehe... I like him.

Christina said...

He's the actor, actually, I'd most like to eat dinner with... He seems incredibly intelligent, yet a bit weird in a good way. The way he took Graham Dalton? No one else could have pulled that off.

Shares Dream World said...

I always liked Graham's little speech about not wanting to have more than one key:

No, I just... Right now I have one key, you know, everything I own is in the car. I like that. If I get an apartment, that's two keys. If I get a job, you know, I might have to open or close. That's more keys. I buy some stuff, I'm afraid it's gonna get ripped off, and I get more keys. - I just like having the one key. It's clean.

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