Monday, February 12, 2007

Stanley Kubrick's "Napoleon"


The Complete Series:

Part I - Stanley Kubrick's Obsession

Part II - "A Teddy Bear, A Prostitute, & A Peasant's Revolution"

Part III - "Josephine"

Part IV - "The Art of War"

Part V - "Empire"

Part VI - "The Fall"

Part VII - "The Defeat" or "The Thousand Mile March Into Oblivion"

Part VIII - "Elba, St. Helana, & Beyond"

Stanley's Production Notes

Final Thoughts - "Poetics in Cinema"


Accompanying Videos:

Stanley Kubrick's Boxes

Barry Lyndon

Stanley Kubrick - A Tribute


Around the Web:

"Napoleon" Script

Charlie Rose - Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures

"The Greatest Movie Stanley Kubrick Never Made" by Darryl Mason

The Authorized Stanley Kubrick Exhibition Website

Kubrick Multimedia Film Guide

The Kubrick Site

"Citizen Kubrick" by Jon Ronson

Joseph Gelmis Interview

FilmJerk's "Napoleon" Review

Kubrick on Wikipedia

IGN's Script Review

Christiane Kubrick's website


Mim said...

Wow, MM. I hope this only means you're at a jumping off point, not done with the blog.

Mystery Man said...

No, I'm simply done with this series. I'm ready to move on to another study.

I really needed to study this, though, as a writer. I appreciate everyone who stuck it out with me.

All 3 of you. Hehehe...


Enzio Pesta said...

What's with all the Napolean stuff? Man, take a break. Come by for a visit. I've been on haitus. But I'm back! Ok, so it was more like an extended stay at the sanitorium.

Carl S said...

What an amazing accomplishment. I am duly impressed and educated at the same time.

Can you do Animal House next?

Mystery Man said...

Sure, Carl! I'll add it to my list. Hehehe...

Here's a thought, Enzio. Why don't you read the articles? You might learn something.


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