Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Taxi Driver

"Paul Schrader wrote Taxi Driver during a very low point in his life and Travis was drawn from all the bad things he felt within himself at the time. I think this is why he tells us a lot (in the script) that Travis is drifting towards violence, but pulls back from making him as sinister and violent as he could in dialogue and action. He could not quite follow through with making this character as insane and out of control as Scorsese and De Niro did because that might mean that he was that insane and out of control. Or maybe he did feel that insane and out of control and was unable to fully explore it out of fear."

- Miriam Paschal, from her new Script-to-Screen Analysis


Taxi Driver Script


Master Scene Breakdown


Miriam's Script-to-Screen Analysis:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4



Profile of De Niro by Tarantino


Taxi Driver Documentary:

Part I and II

Part III and IV

Part V and VI

Part VII and VIII


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Mim said...

I LOVE the Portishead video you found for this. It's awesome.

Mystery Man said...

Yeah, isn't it great? I love that video. And you did such an excellent job, Miriam.

Guys, Miriam's script-to-screen study has a thousand little lessons in it. It's absolutely engrossing from beginning to end.

I'm so motivated by her study, I may do a few of my own...


Unknown said...

This has already been established- but MIM ROCKS. I think the biggest lessons I took out of this were the scene lengths (kiss= keep it short stupid) and also the imagery scorsece used. It's something I'm trying to be more conscious of.

Mystery Man said...

Those were the big things I took out of it as well. There were some lessons from the order of the scenes, and it was interesting how they brought some depth to Betsy and improved the interaction between her and Travis. That whole "star-fucker" business was a bit too simplistic, I think.

This is probably one of the best studies Miriam has done. A fascinating read. I really loved it.


Just Jake said...

I'm going to watch this movie again. I had no idea that Travis was even remotely insane, he seemed just like most of my neighbors...yeah, I lived in the suburbs.

Carl S said...

I've actually never made it through this movie. I'll have to try again.

I want to see it before I read all that analysis, too. Wow.

Mystery Man said...

Guillermo - Hehehe... Not to worry, so did I.

Hey, Carl! Great to hear from you. Hope your assignment jobs have been going well for you. I can't wait to see those films.


Carl S said...

I have 50 pages to write today. Yeah, I've been busy. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Mystery Man said...

50 pages? Pfft! No problem!


Okay, so, get just the right music for those scenes, brew a nice pot of full-bodied, medium-roast coffee, have a pack of gum handy, and find a nice location where you can (at any time) sit, stand, and/or pace furiously.

It's totally do-able.