Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Script Club – "The Senator’s Wife"

Let the Script Club begin!


The first thing I’d like to do is thank our good friend
Christina Ferguson for not only her contribution and partnership in keeping the Script Club alive but also her suggestion of The Senator’s Wife. Mine was Kaufman’s Synecdoche, NY, and yeah, that would’ve been a disaster.

Second, I want to define to the world exactly what we’re doing here. This is like a Book Club. It’s not meant to be anything. It’s not meant to influence anything. It’s not meant to be an early review of an unfinished work or any kind of indicator about how good or bad a movie may be before it’s even released. This is just a discussion by screenwriters (for the consumption of other screenwriters) about one version of one draft, which just gives us the chance to talk about the craft. That’s it. And while the script is not available for download, I think we can all still get something out of this discussion.

Third, I’m going to post 2 reviews a day, so hopefully, we’ll be done by this weekend. I’ll list all the reviews in this post and publish my review at the end. So without further adieu, on with the reviews.

Hope you enjoy them.



David Mulhfelder’s Review

Michelle Carver’s Review

Pat's Review

Miriam Paschal's Review

Antag Question

Laura Deerfield's Review

Bob Thielke's Review

James McCormick's Review

Mia's Review

Christina's Review (and here's Christina's mother!)

And finally, MM's Review

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