Friday, July 13, 2007

Announcing a NEW STUDY!


Ugh… the frickin'
plot dump. Just shoot me. Nothing gives me bigger fits, really. So… let’s study it. What are some great examples of exposition in films? What are some poor examples? What tricks and principles about exposition we can glean from studying films?

I invite anyone and everyone to submit to me by
email (or post on your blog) 3 examples:

* One BAD example of exposition.
* One good VERBAL example of exposition.
* One good NON-VERBAL example of exposition.

No limit to how much you can write.

We’ll begin August 1.

And I would so appreciate your help getting the word out.

Thanks so much.



Mystery Man said...

Oh, and I've already gotten the question, "how long will this last?" Ya know, we're going to study this until we're done studying this.

Unlike the time we reviewed The Senator’s Wife, there will be no limit to the number of people who can participate.

Hope that helps.


Mickey Lee said...

"From Russia With Love" -- my fave

Mim said...

Mickey, you gotta provide the scenes and explain why they work or not.

Christian H. said...

Are we doing this through email or are we posting on the blog?

I have seen some exposition that perhaps you wouldn't want to see.

I'm trying to post a feature on TriggerStreet which means 4 reviews first.

Also, can this be from produced or un-produced films or just produced ones?

Mystery Man said...

Mickey - Posting that photo was a hint for you. Hehehe...

Mim - I totally agree.

Christian - 1) We're posting the articles on my blog. You can also post an your article on your blog instead, if you like. It doesn't matter to me. I don't care where the content comes from. 2) Congrats on TriggerStreet! Just make friends with good reviewers whose opinions you can trust. 3) I'd prefer produced films.

Hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

>>"From Russia With Love" -- my fave <<

Mine too!

Laura Deerfield said...

Looks like fun.
I'll have to find time to participate. (this new job is keeping me busy)

crossword said...

This should be fun. :)

Mystery Man said...

I'm already getting examples. I'm excited!


Anonymous said...

Just sent my off to ya!

Mickey Lee said...

Mim -- Nah, I'd rather just go watch "From Russia With Love."

j/k, I was merely making MM aware of the fact that I knew I was being manipulated!

Exposition-wise, "From Russia With Love" is different from the other Bond films, mostly because it's very similar to the book. Hmm, maybe I'll write about that.

Mystery Man said...

Josh - It's great!

Mickey - Just so you know, I meant ANY Bond flick, not necessarily "From Russia with Love." That was just a great pic.


Thomas Rufer said...

Rear Window

Mystery Man said...

Love it. Write me an article!