Friday, December 07, 2007

Song Meme

Our good friend, Patricia, tagged me to post some inspirational songs for screenwriters. I’ve picked three.

This first song comes from a band that got a
write-up in the L.A. Times not long ago (and here, too). It’s the only song about screenwriters I'm aware of, and it “would become one of the signature L.A. songs of the 1990s, a spoken-word barrage with an eerie, industrial-pulse backdrop...” By the way, Mike Doughty has never been to Reseda.

It’s called “Screenwriter’s Blues” by Soul Coughing.

This next one is the greatest lesson a screenwriter will ever learn.
“Show Don’t Tell” by Rush

And finally, for personal inspiration, I’d have to go with “Lightning Crashes” by Live taken from a live Live concert.