Saturday, June 28, 2008

Unproduced Scripts of Alfred Hitchcock

Hey guys,

Above is Scorsese’s wonderful short - The Key to Reserva.

God, I love that short. Don’t you want to just finish the story?

Inspired by the Key to Reserva, as well as David Freeman’s book,
The Last Days of Alfred Hitchcock, and another wonderful book I read recently, Steven DeRosa’s Writing with Hitchcock, I’d like to try something different. I’d like to write a series on the unproduced screenplays of Alfred Hitchcock. Instead of writing long articles, I’m going to post short notes, brief thoughts, and nuggets that I hope will prove insightful or, perhaps, even inspirational. Plus, I’m going to write reviews on two of those lost screenplays, which will be fun.

I’ll update THIS POST with links to all the articles.

Hope you enjoy it.



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Joshua James said...

Raymond Chandler also wrote a great unproduced screenplay that I read a few years back and greatly admired.

Belzecue said...

I was loving it up to the point I realized it's just a viral ad for Freixenet. Knowing everyone involved did it for bucks instead of love of film kinda ruins it for me. All the sentiment for Hitchcock just falls in a heap. One more icon reduced to product placement. Actually TWO icons: Hitchcock AND Scorsese.

Mystery Man said...

Josh - Don't tease me, you bastard. Send it to me, if you can.

Belz - Oh come now. Any true fan of Hitchcock would know that the MacGuffin REALLY doesn't matter. Hehehe...


Belzecue said...

MM said: "Oh come now. Any true fan of Hitchcock would know that the MacGuffin REALLY doesn't matter. Hehehe.."

You are right, I need to lighten up. No SHOW without BUSINESS.

And Scorsese WAS a laugh riot. He definitely got the SPINAL TAP vibe happening.