Friday, July 04, 2008

Hitchcock, Cinema’s Purist

[Portrait above by Morten Lonvig.]

Here’s my favorite Alfred Hitchcock quote:

“In many of the films now being made, there is very little cinema: they are mostly what I call ‘photographs of people talking.’ When we tell a story in cinema, we should resort to dialog only when it’s impossible to do otherwise. I always try to tell a story in the cinematic way, through a succession of shots and bits of film in between.

“It seems unfortunate, that with the arrival of sound, the motion picture, overnight, assumed a theatrical form. The mobility of the camera doesn’t alter this fact. Even though the camera may move along the sidewalk, it’s still theatre.

“One result of this is the loss of cinematic style, and another is the loss of fantasy. In writing a screenplay, it is essential to separate clearly the dialog from the visual elements and, whenever possible, to rely more on the visual than on the dialog. Whichever way you choose to stage the action, your main concern is to hold the audience’s fullest attention.

“Summing it up, one might say that the screen rectangle must be charged with emotion.”

- Alfred Hitchcock, from
Hitchcock by François Truffaut


Anonymous said...

"Somebody Asked me the other day, How long did I think nudity would last on the screen. And I responded, 'If you wouldn't think me to vulger in saying, I said all breast sag eventually'."

"I was acused of calling actors cattle, and I said that 'I would never say such an unfeeling, rude thing about actors at all. What I probably said was, that all actors should be treated like cattle'."

I always thought he was too witty for his own good, but it's a joy to listen to him talk about films and his experience's with people. Could listen to it all day.

crossword said...

Love me some Hitch. Thanks MM. :)

PS. Bill Martell is doing a wee homage to the man also... (over on Sex in a Sub)... clearly great minds think alike!


Mystery Man said...

gabbagoo - Hehehe... I've always loved that breasts sagging quote.

Len - Yeah, I love me some Hitch, too, baby! Is he? I'll have to check that out.


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