Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Economy & Script Magazine

Despite grim news about the publishing industry, Script magazine is holding steady, although they've had to cut some pages. To their credit, they will be keeping all of the writers on staff, but some of the articles will be bumped from time-to-time. My next article, “I *heart* Unsympathetic Protags” has been bumped from this upcoming issue and rolled over to be in the next one, which I believe comes out in May.

But I’m still writing for them. In fact, I’m collaborating with Jennifer van Sijll, author of
Cinematic Storytelling, for the next article, and it’ll be a doozy. She’s brilliant, and I wrote about her book here.

All I can say is please support
Script Magazine and their advertisers.

The editorials kick ass. Hehehe



Laura Deerfield said...

Subscribed a few weeks ago - but still waiting on my first issue.

Mystery Man said...

Really? You should call them: (888) 245-2228 ext. 206.


Laura Deerfield said...

I'll give it another wee and then call. Ordered through the writer's store about three weeks ago.

Matthew Spira said...

You damned shill.


One of the things I always liked about you is I did a random review on TS, and then not-so-randomly followed up by seeing what others had said about said review, and then seeing YOUR review which took me to considerable task.

And I like to think I was smart enough to recognize right there I was dealing with someone who knew what the fuck he was talking about.

You've become a cottage industry.

You're fucking brilliant at what you do, but as you once told me (that our reviews cover the same ground, but I am nicer than you) I am going to try to be nice:

What do you better than anyone is critique. You are the more focused Ebert for the screenwriters of the next however many years.

And, you are the absolute best at that I've ever seen or read.

But, based on the scripts I've read, you're not the best writer.

Why the fuck am I saying this?

Well, first of all, I'm drunk.

Second, my wife has a borderline personality disorder, and I need a way to vent without directly pissing her off.

Third, you make it really hard for people to respond to you because you're so damned smart. Maybe what you're missing is really listening to those people who go, "Um..."


P.S. And you know I love you.

Mystery Man said...

Matt - So very nice to hear from you! It's been a while!

Your points are well taken and appreciated.

You just wait. We'll compare who has more awards when we're both 70. Hehehe...

You can vent this way anytime.


Mystery Man said...

Oh, and Laura - Love the new pic.
Looking at anything special up there? Hehehe...


Nick H said...

Ha! A mini Triggerstreet reunion. Hi Matt!

I currently have TWO Script magazine subscriptions so I'm doing my bit.

... And keeping us waiting until May for your next article, MM? So typical of a tease like you.

-Nick (ger)

Nick H said...

Oh and by the way, Matt - MM's script THE TOY MAKER is exceptional.