Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Truth, Justice, and Uhhhhhh…

The Hollywood Reporter ran an article called “Superman eschews longtime patriot act” about the now famously controversial line by Perry White, “Does he still stand for truth, justice... all that stuff?”

One of the screenwriters, Dan Harris, was quoted as saying:

“We were always hesitant to include the term 'American way' because the meaning of that today is somewhat uncertain… The ideal hasn't changed. I think when people say 'American way,' they're actually talking about what the 'American way' meant back in the '40s and '50s, which was something more noble and idealistic.”

“So, you play the movie in a foreign country, and you say, 'What does he stand for? -- truth, justice and the American way.' I think a lot of people's opinions of what the American way means outside of this country are different from what the line actually means (in Superman lore) because they are not the same anymore… And (using that line) would taint the meaning of what he is saying.”

Uh huh.

Am I wrong to think that a weak writer avoids controversy by convenient omission but a strong writer tackles an issue like that head on in the narrative?

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with you. The "American way" hasn't changed one bit, it's those who act in its name that have changed. We have to strive for ideals in life and movies like "Superman" are supposed to lead us there. If Supe doesn't represent the American way, then nobody does. A stronger writer would be able to make that distinction.