Friday, December 08, 2006

It's Create a Character Weekend! Yeah!

I don't know who he is, but as a character, I love him. Hehehe...


GimmeABreak said...

Robert Evans as a teenager.

Unknown said...

Friedrich was the model for Edvard Munch's "The Scream". Then he went on to be Europes most famous post WW II hand model.

Emily Blake said...

Karl was pretty sure this outfit would score big with the ladies at Bang tonight. He tried the rockabilly look last weekend and didn't have much luck. But girls like that wimpy Jason Mrazish, maybe gay, maybe not thing, don't they?

Mim said...

Mark Steadley has been rejected by three different recruiting offices in three different cities, but he'll keep trying. In his opinion, Marfan Syndrome can be overcome.

Patricia Burroughs aka Pooks said...

Sean raided his sister's drawers to come up with the right outfit for this party.

And bliss! It worked.

Mystery Man loves him.

(They're registered at Pottery Barn.)

Anonymous said...

His name is Egbert. He is X-Amish. His parents were little people. They died in the floods of '87. Shortly after he left the Amish and moved to Florida where he turned tricks for cash.

Now he writes poetry and reads it to audiences of thousands in Europe's super clubs. He single handedly changed party culture from endless nights of mind numbing trance to evenings of contemplation. All his poems are about rabbits, and it is OK if a DJ plays the odd beat at certain points in the poems. Euro-hipsters orgy before his stanzas.

He single handedly destroyed DJ Tiesto, who is now teaching banjo lessons in Tahiti.

Anonymous said...

Both friends and enemies call him Birdy. Birdy's getting out of the joint first thing tomorrow morning.

Birdy did anything he could to stay alive during the past five years. A convicted computer hacker, Birdy prefers working with Macs but realizes he needs to broaden his horizons and consider expanding to using Windows.


Birdy rubs the lenses of his glasses with his shirt...

Something's wrong. I can
smell it.

No way Facetia would fuck
you over. Not you.

Birdy replaces his glasses over his eyes.

I haven't heard from her
in over a week.

You will... You will.

Teabag snatches the polaroid of Facetia off his wall.

I know. First thing
tomorrow, you're gonna
find her and get her
on the phone.

But I'm not going to
Vegas... I'm going

Teabag squishes Birdy's cheeks together.

Does the word, deliverance
ring a bell?

Please Teabag.

Teabag shoves the polaroid into Birdy's mouth.

First thing tomorrow.


Mim said...

Poor Teabag, having to resort to relying on Birdy to do his dirty work.

Can Birdy stand up to Paco? Will Facetia switch from Krispy Kremes to Karrot Stix?

Tune in next week and find out.

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