Friday, December 22, 2006

It's Create A Character Weekend!

Who is this man and why would he write such a thing?


GimmeABreak said...

Earlier that evening, Mystery Man ate a magic mushroom and got trapped behind the looking glass. He hopes his skill at backward writing will catch his roommate's attention because he's not at all happy being stuck with that frickin', grinnin', foaming-at-the-mouth, disappearing cat with the really sharp teeth and the nasty disposition.

Mim said...

Herbert tested several phrases and downloaded many shots into his Adobe PhotoShop before he came up with exactly the right picture.

When Edwina saw it on the billboard as she stepped onto the street after work, she fell to her knees that her man would express his undying love for her so publically.

Herbert sidled shyly around the corner of the building and hesitantly held out the little box. Ewina was so overcome she dropped to her knees.

wcdixon said...

He's someone who'd never say Merry Xmas.

Happy holidays!

Nick H said...

Remember, a rabid foaming beast is for life not just for christmas.

Happy Xmas.

Unknown said...

George Smitheers swore that THIS Christmas, he was going to have some fun, damn it. According to his ex-wife, he was already on the "nuaghty" list, so why not go all out. Lump of coal? Bring it, baby!

James Patrick Joyce said...

Dr. Jekyll fondly wished that the serum had split him between good and evil. But whenever Mr. Angst came out, he invariably attempted to express his philosophical anxiety in poetry.

Mr. Angst has the poetic soul of an '80s punk/pop musician. Unfortunately, Dr. Jekyll prefers William Wordsworth and Mozart.

While struggling to find an antidote, Jekyll can feel his sanity being slowly devoured by a boppy backbeat of inanity.

Piers said...


And he doesn't know it, that's the sad thing. The beast inside is trying to warn him to get out of the city, away from the people.

Unfortunately he's going to kill again.


And his date's due to arrive any moment.

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