Saturday, August 18, 2007

Exposition with Kevin Broom

Hey guys,

Our very good friend,
Kevin Broom, posted an exposition article on his blog. His non-verbal example comes from Miller's Crossing, and the good and bad examples comes from The Princess Bride. Just great! You can't go wrong with The Princess Bride.

Thanks so much, Kevin.



Anonymous said...

God, I love Princess Bride.

Mystery Man said...

Me, too. Welcome to the blogosphere, man!


Mim said...

Have fun storming the castle.

crossword said...

Twoo Wuhve! Loved seeing Peter Cook in The Princess Bride. :)

Good ones Kevin!

Anonymous said...

Consider me abundantly conflicted about saying anything negative about The Princess Bride. Truly one of my favorite films -- one I've watched many times, and will watch many more. But that sequence has always bugged me.

In fact, the whole sick kind and grandfather thing has kinda bugged me too. It didn't really serve much narrative purpose, although it was used for comedic effect now and then. Also they showcased "Hardball," which was a great video game back in the day. (One that I played WAY too much on my brother's Commodore.)

One TV show that rankles me with its exposition is 24. I watch the show every week, and I know what's going on. But at least once a week, they introduce a new character or re-assign someone so that their can be a briefing. Everytime they do it, I think of that great scene from "Spaceballs" in which Col. Sandurz does a plot dump, and Dark Helmet then leans into the camera and says, "Everybody got that?"