Saturday, August 25, 2007

MM's Visual Response to a Verbal Tag

Hey guys,

Nearly a month ago, our very good friend, Unk,
tagged me so that I would, yet again, reveal 8 facts about myself. Well, this time around, I’d like to try something different. In the spirit of Visual Storytelling, I thought I’d reveal my current state of being visually.

And since I was tardy, I’ll give 16 pics.

Hope you enjoy them.




















GimmeABreak said...

So, you're tell us you bought a new German sports car that goes really fast, your maid quit, you decided to return all those overdue library books, your scoliosis is acting up again, some jealous husband tried to kill you but a copy of the Titanic SP kept the bullets from finding their target, you left your vegan diet behind, you gave a lecture on the Democratic balanced budget plan, your blind date wasn't really keen on the whole "showering together" idea, the only way you can get a little pussy is to cage it, you had a sex change and decided to show off your new bod at a party (but you couldn't remember your new name so you used a post-it to mind you when you looked in the mirror), you went to a martini bar with a shitload of cadavers, you're gonna sue that damn surgeon for the crappy face lift, you've taken a newpaper job writing help-wanted ads, you got so drunk at that party with the dead guys you forgot where you were, and you're letting us know penis enlargers REALLY DON'T work?

Wow, you've been a busy fella (gal?). >;-}

Mim said...

I want to know if he sees himself as the rabbit or the bag of bones.

Seriously, this is all great. I love how you start off with the 120 mph so that we're prepared to accept all the contradictions of your life and understand how you manage to squeeze them all in.

crossword said...

I think it's funny how visually we all get something different. lol

The 120 kph isn't that fast... about 80 mph right? But it's probably a snazzy car alright.

Our host is organized (in his way), loves books, a dedicated writer (loves wine) and eschews stories full of holes.

He's a fluffy, cuddly wolf in rabbit's clothing, thinks math is for Democrats... his ahem ...companions leave him subtle messages but that's okay because he considers life to be topsy-turvy.

He is introspective (if indeed he is a he), began this writing lark as a result of answering an ad in the back of a comic (though he did order that BB gun for $7.49).

Though believing one might have to be a rat in order to join the rat race, he hasn't allowed life's hard knocks to change him too much.

He still listens, but considers the source... and finds amusement where he can.

Shit, MM... I think we were separated at birth! ;)

Ann said...

I'm only interested in 8 and 11. Mostly 8. Uh, yeah.


8 looks like the shower scene in my latest book. Maybe I should've had him writethat in the mirror instead. Yeah baby.

So, who's Jane?

Mystery Man said...

No comment. Hehehe...