Sunday, November 02, 2008

“Clash of the Titans” – The Complete Series

Hey guys,

Below are links to three articles covering some of the ideas behind remaking Clash of the Titans. We begin with a discussion of the original film, followed by reviews of Travis Beacham’s January 25, 2007, script and then Lawrence Kasdan’s June 29, 2007, revision.

Hope you enjoy it.



Part One
“Now we cannot leap into remake territory without first discussing the original film.”

Part Two
“The heart of the matter is this – If Mr. Beacham has any aspirations of having a career as a screenwriter, of having HIS scripts filmed and not passed off for others to rewrite, he must address the fundamental flaws in his thinking as a screenwriter.”

Part Three
“But when I step back and take in the house as a whole, I have to ask myself: ‘Okay, how does this make me feel?’”


Joshua James said...

Admit it. You never sleep. That's the only explanation.

Or you're a synthetic android, a cyborg, something . . .

That's gotta be it. YOu're a Terminator.

Mystery Man said...

Bwaah ha ha ha!

I do take breaks - workout, have a cigar & brandy, indulge in a little sex, or on rare ocassions, all three at once... Then I'm ready to get back to writing!

Hope you're doing well,


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Xerxész said...

What about the script review of Phil Hay & Matt Manfredi? I think the final screenplay goes to them.

Have you read that script?

Mystery Man said...

xerxes - I have not. Send it to me if you have it:


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