Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MM’s Drunken Musings

[I’ve had three cigars and I don’t know how many brandys…]

Above is the photo of a truly brilliant man who knows who I am, yet he knows nothing of “Mystery Man” or my blog or
Script Magazine, although he has Script on display in his very popular cigar store.


And he knows important people, too. I frickin’ love that man. He’s the smartest cigar aficionado on the planet. In the photo, he’s smoking something Cuban while following his favorite football team
USC) on his laptop, and yet, he’s chomping on Cheetos.

Hehehe… I LOVE that man.

shoe photo was taken outside of his cigar store. I’m there all the time. I once pointed out the sex article in Script Mag, and he loved it. “This is really deep stuff,” he said. “Did you write this?” No, I told him. I just loved the article, I said, and then I laughed.

His favorite paragraph was about Annie Hall. I wrote, “Annie Hall gave us scenes filled with problems in the bedroom (usually bad timing, mood-killing mishaps, or lowered romantic interests) all of which satirized the idea that sex was the foundation upon which all contemporary relationships were built. Here, if the sex was dead, so was the relationship. You may recall the sequence where Annie and Alvy are seeing their respective therapists and revealing their differing perceptions about the same question of 'How often do you have sex?' Alvy: 'Hardly ever. Maybe three times a week.' Annie: 'Constantly! I’d say three times a week.' Hehehe… Those two seemed fated to always be searching for a love that lasts but never find it, which was punctuated by Woody Allen’s non-linear structure.”

Coincidentally, we watched the last half of Annie one night last week. My favorite scene (and his as well) is when Diane Keaton sings in the club. God, that just cuts right into the heart. Everyone in the store was silent when Keaton sang. When it was over, he lamented the sad state of contemporary clubs today and how no one showcases singers in wonderfully intimate settings like that. Oh, screw it. Here's a vid:

BTW - the hands of the African American man in the foreground are none other than… well, I probably shouldn’t tell you.

Hehehe… SO very sorry.

Yeah, yeah, I get complaint e-mails every time I share personal bits about myself. Some people love the mystery, but sometimes, I can’t help myself. It gets old being mysterious ALL the time, ya know.



Sabina E. said...

NO!!!! Keep writing that stuff, I like it. That old man looks so cuddly and adorable.

now I wanna go smoke a big fat Cuban cigar and drink red wine but i have to work tomorrow. damn you, MM!!! *shaking fist*

Matt said...

An almost supernatural love of screenwriting, a love of cigars, great shoes... there are many benefits to being Mystery Man.

David Alan said...

Eating those Cheetos -- I think you guys were smoking more than just cigars!

Get it?

Yep, that's about all I am good for right now.

Anyhoo, you should’ve had the black guy hide his ring if you wanted to protect his identity. Just saying.

-- David Alan

Anonymous said...

Robert Downey Jr., still in character.

Laura Deerfield said...

A mystery is only interesting if there are clues. Some of them are intentional, some less so - but you leave just enough to keep us guessing.

crossword said...

Uncanny! I'm not kiddin', that pic looks like MY local cigar store. However, the nes State law bans smoking inside, so I know you're not in Washington. :)

Viva la mystery!

PS. Loved the article too (perhaps with the exception of "Last Tango", which I have frankly never appreciated).

Anonymous said...

I knew it! All the best writers smoke cigars. Come to NYC and I'll take you to my favorite shop.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Looks like the inside of the Cuban Seed in LA. Seems odd you gave two clues to your identity so close together. Curious. Very curious.

Mystery Man said...

Deaf - Thanks! Smoking a montecristo, number 2, the white label. Those are my favorite. Right now, at least.

Matt - Yes, there are.

David - Hehehe...

Terra - No comment. Hehehe...

Laura - Good.

Len - You never had me worried.

David - Don't tempt me, man.

Marnie - Keep trying. Hehehe...


Anonymous said...

I've narrowed it down to 3 Cigar stores in the Tampa area...I know I'm getting close...

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