Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Character Depth - Barry Egan

This one comes to us from Carl (Gamears):

Barry Egan (Punch-Drunk Love) a quirky, socially inept guy wants nothing more than to go on with his life selling plungers, wearing a bright blue suit, and avoiding his family. He has no plans to do anything else with his life, yet he collects Healthy Choice coupons to accrue frequent-flyer miles. He's a man who punctuates his timid nature and little white lies with huge fits of uncontrolled rage. He even answers questions with the words: "Yeah, no...". He's encapsulated himself without the benefit of a time-release formula. That is, until Lena comes around. She is the antithesis to Barry's incessant sisters. She doesn't judge him, she doesn't pressure him and slowly, Barry's white lies are laid bare before her. He runs from her, while running toward her, until finally, finding himself able to be honest with this one woman, he finds the strength he needs to be honest with everyone around him, which in turn gives him power over his own life.


Mystery Man said...

The phrase I really enjoyed - "He runs from her, while running toward her..."

Good job, Carl!

Miriam said...

I love Punch Drunk Love. Adam Sandler could have chosen so many roles to break into "serious" acting and he chose this one. It's a gem of a movie.

mernitman said...

only adam sandler movie i could watch. and one of the best romantic comedy declaration scenes ever written ("i just wanna chew your face and scoop out your beautiful eyes with an ice cream scooper and eat 'em..." etc.); i've always loved barry's "yeah, no" -- what a great Instant Character in Two Words device! Nice post.

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