Monday, October 16, 2006

Character Depth - Riddick

From Piers Beckley:

Riddick from Pitch Black is a killer - but when he has the opportunity to murder Fry, he just takes a lock of hair as a souvenir. To Johns, he's an implacable enemy. To Jack, he's a surrogate father. But it's his relationship with Fry that's the heart of his character. At the end, he and Fry have made it to safety - all they have to do is get in the shuttle and take off. Or they could go back into the monster-filled dark and attempt to save the people they left behind. Riddick's not interested and doesn't see why Fry should be either. He offers her the chance to escape, to leave the others behind, to become like him. He's offering her freedom and safety and all she has to do is take his hand and walk away. But instead, she refuses to leave, and Riddick becomes like her instead, a man who would die for others if necessary. Riddick says he wouldn't know how to rejoin the human race - but faced with Fry's example, he does.


Mystery Man said...

Good job, Piers! I liked the ending, the contrast between the characters and how the decision to leave or not will have a serious emotional/psychological affect on both characters. That's great.

GameArs said...

I love the Riddick character and think Vin Diesel is particularly suited to this kind of role. When I watch “Pitch Black” and “Chronicles”, I really dig the interesting ways in which this character gets pushed and pulled. Good choice of a character who is in movies that rarely get recognized for their character development.

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