Friday, January 26, 2007

Sofia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette"

I just wanted to share these clips and pictures as part of our series on Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon.

The costume designer for Marie Antoinette, Milena Canonero, who just received an Oscar nomination for her gorgeous work in that film, was also the same costume designer for Kubrick's Barry Lyndon. She also worked with him on A Clockwork Orange. She would have likely been the person Stanley would have turned to had he been given a chance to make his Napoleon. I could not help but watch Coppola's film and think frequently of Stanley and his dreams of Napoleon.


GameArs said...

It looks delicious. I must see this. I love this period of French history. It's so, I dunno... sumptuous.

Mystery Man said...

It IS delicious! Watching that movie is like eating handfuls of rich, dark, decadent, Giradelli chocolate.


Mim said...

Kirsten Dunst is the perfect one for this role. I can hardly wait to add it to my netflix queue.

Mystery Man said...

Well, it's a tad unconventional, and for some reason, I didn't mind.


Webs said...

I love New Order.

Mystery Man said...

I do, too, man! For me, this teaser trailer was one the better ones of 2006.