Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Day of Kudos

The chart above is something I’ve been meaning to share. It’s the perfect chart to map any romantic relationship in your stories. Hehehe

I just have to say this. I’m feeling a little dizzy and overwhelmed right now by all the great things going on with the people around me.

The first concerns our very dear friend and excellent writer,
Nena Eskridge, who gave us the subtext post on Chinatown. In that post, I mentioned her great script (now called Stray). Well, it’s been nominated for the January, 2007, Screenplay of the Month. Let me tell you, this is a most deserving recognition. Her script has many strengths - economical words, great character depth of its protagonist, Jennifer Davis, and it's wildly entertaining. The way Nena made a connection in the opening and closing scenes makes a very clear statement about this poor girl’s vicious cycle of violence. Nena did such an outstanding job with her story. I am so very excited for her.

Another good friend,
Pat (GimmeABreak), got permission from Stephen King to send him adaptation proposals for his short stories. Her new scripts, Every Secret Thing and Bits and Pieces, are Top Ten favorites on TriggerStreet and such great fun. (My review of Bits and Pieces is forthcoming – so sorry!) Pat’s really delivered the goods here and I am hoping for the best. She deserves success.

Even in our own scribosphere, I am in all honesty struggling to find time to write my own articles because everyone else is putting out such great material. I can't stop reading!

Billy Mernit has two new noteworthy posts on how to receive notes
here and here.

Carl Salminen has been posting a “Script to Screen” series on his blog as he brings his Undead High School to the big screen. Laugh now. You know that with most writers, a movie with a title like that would be utterly rancid. But with Carl, it’s different. The man really is a talented, devoted, student of the craft. He’s always looking for ways to incorporate subtext and make his scenes interesting, which really excites me. He has a new script on TriggerStreet, The Tavern, which also frequents the Top Ten list. It’s great. “A wounded man wanders into a tavern.” It’s a metaphor for what it means to be heroic, and it’s also an examination of the difference between vengeance and justice. I loved it. In any case, Carl’s “Script to Screen” posts on his blog covers subjects ranging from selling yourself to the art of revisions and relationships. I can’t wait for the movie!

Every single article since the New Year on MaryAn Batchellor’s blog from
Contriving Conflict to Sidekicks to Symbolism and Foreshadowing has been outstanding.

And I just have to say that Unk is kicking ass with his recent posts on “Depth Charging Your Characters”
here and here. (I’d like to contribute to this discussion in a day or two because I’ve been meaning to blog about Character Development Sheets.) Great articles, Unk.

Our good friend,
Matt Spira, got his first paycheck as a screenwriter.

Another dear friend, Ger, the BRILLIANT comedy writer (whom I wrote about extensively in my
Comedy Writing Secrets post) is within an angel’s breath of getting one of those comedies to the big screen.

For the whopping 3 of you who have been digging my series on Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon, we are going to finish this bad boy in great style. His downfall is absolutely breathtaking. The best is yet to come.

I’ve got another post on the come, one of Miriam’s great movie breakdowns. She continues her series on the world’s most renowned filmmakers and we will see her thoughts on Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

I love it.

Something special is in the air, wouldn’t you agree?

I’m excited.


MaryAn Batchellor said...

Well, I didn't notice it before, but this post gives the feeling that something great is about to happen. But when? To whom? Maybe YOU!

p.s. thanks for the kudos

Mystery Man said...

You deserved it. I feel bad I haven't left comments, but I never miss a post. Hell, I was reading you for months (and many others) before I made myself known.

Maybe this feeling is just me, but I've been getting quite a few emails that have been nothing but good news for people. It's great.


bob said...


I hope some of the good stuff you've been dishing will come back around to you my friend!

It's great to see these success stories up here, gives a hack like me a little hope!

Mystery Man said...

Yo, yo, yo, Bob! Right back at ya, man!


GimmeABreak said...

My "progress" as a writer wouldn't have been possible without your prodding, poking and unfailing encouragement!

Mim said...

Congratulations to everybody. I feel like I'm spinning my wheels lately. I am working on new stuff, but I haven't done any reviews lately. But even if I only do a little bit each day, it's more than sitting on my butt in front of the T.V.

Unk said...


'Preciate it!


nena eskridge said...

You are my inspiration.


GameArs said...


You are very kind to offer your blog space/time to give shout-outs to your fellow craftsmen (and craftswomen?)

Anyway, it's inpiring to me to be a part of this wonderful circle of talent and posts like yours keep me aware that I am in the midst of greatness all the time.

I've been doing very little posting because I am knee-deep in the third draft of Undead High School and I am shooting a short script of mine this weekend!

Aren't we all just busy bees!?

Mystery Man said...

unk - you deserve it, man!

nena - I love ya, honey! I'm rooting for you!

carl - Yes, we all are! And I'm sincerely grateful you still take the time to visit.