Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Breakdown - Bridget Jones's Diary

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Bridget Jones's Diary

1 - 4:03 – Bridget goes to her parents for the annual New Year's turkey curry buffet and makes a fool of herself in front of Mark. Introduces Mum, Dad, and Uncle Geoffrey, as well as Mark and Bridget. 04:03

2 - 2:11 – Title sequence over Bridget getting drunk at home in her pajamas. 06:14

3 - 0:49 – Bridget starts her diary with confidence and vows not to fantasize about... 07:03

4 - 0:38 – ...her boss. Flashback to the Christmas party where we see more footage of Bridget drunk and singing badly, only this time in public and with some kind of metal foliage on her head. 07:41

5 - 1:58 – Bridget introduced the office staff while she ogles Daniel. Good example of the right way to use voice over. She makes a huge gaff with Daniel while trying to cover up a personal call. 09:39

6 - 1:05 – Bridget goes out with her friends. All major characters now introduced. Nothing is resolved except that more vodka must be thrown at the problem. 10:44

7 - 1:36 – Bridget and her boss exchange e-mails about her skirt. 12:20

8 - 0:18 – Bridget resolves not to flirt with her boss any more. 12:38

9 - 0:51 – More flirting capped off by the wedding fantasy. She's out of control. 13:29

10 - 1:33 – Daniel holds Bridget's arse in the lift and asks her out. She manages to equivocate. 15:02

11 - 2:01 – Intercut between friends advising Bridget and Bridget getting ready. 17:03

12 - 2:45 – At the book launch, Bridget sees Mark again, and again embarrasses herself. She also guesses that there is some dark history between Daniel and Mark. 19:48

13 - 1:54 – Bridget demonstrates that she doesn't know how to turn on a microphone and nearly says, "Tits Pervert" instead of Fitzherbert. 21:42

14 - 0:37 – Mark is about to approach Bridget when Daniel claims his prize. 22:19

15 - 1:23 – Daniel tells the story of how Mark stole his (Daniel's) fiancee. 23:42

16 - 0:42 – Daniel asks Bridget back to his place for a drink and she says no, so he kisses her. 24:24

17 - 0:57 – Daniel discovers Bridget's granny panties. 25:21

18 - 0:17 – Bridget is happy. She's losing weight and smoking less. No info about the drinking. 25:38

19 - 1:10 – Bridget asks Daniel a serious question and he sidesteps the issue. After all, they're in bed. Also demonstrates that in movies women have sex in their bras. 26:48

20 - 0:40 – Bridget's Mum demonstrates a sexual egg-peeler. 27:28

21 - 1:24 – Bridget's Mum says she's leaving Bridget's Dad to be with Julian from the Home Shopping Channel. 28:52

22 - 1:24 – Bridget tells her Dad to flirt outrageously at the upcoming tarts and vicars party to tempt Mum away from tangerine-tinted Julian. 30:16

23 - 1:03 – Daniel takes Bridget to the country in his sports car. He doesn't want to read poncy poetry and she loses her scarf. 31:19

24 - 0:50 – Bridget arrives with wind-blown hair to see that Mark and Natasha are staying at the same hotel. 32:09

25 - 1:05 – Out in the boats, Daniel and Bridget clown drunkenly while Natasha and Mark row sedately and discuss their cases. Mark watched Bridget and Daniel. 33:14

26 - 0:58 – Bridget asks Daniel if he loves her and he threatens her with an unspeakable sex act. She has so little self-esteem that she accepts. 34:12

27 - 1:33 – Daniel buggers off to London instead of going to the party. He says the American office is thinking of shutting them down. 35:45

28 - 1:41 – Bridget arrives to find the tarts vicars theme has been called off. Uncle Geoffrey behaves suspiciously when asked if he called to let Bridget know. Bridget's Mum asks what she thinks Dad is up to. He's scaring some poor woman who just had her ovaries done. 37:26

29 - 0:41 – Bridget and her Dad commiserate over a fag behind the roses with the Garden Gnome in the background. 38:07

30 - 1:04 – Bridget hints to Mark that she knows about his shocking behavior with Daniel's fiancée, but doesn't spell anything out. 39:11

31 - 2:19 – Bridget goes to Daniel for sympathy and finds Lara. 41:30

32 - 1:38 – Montage of Bridget feeling sorry for herself, watching Fatal Attraction and lions mating, and spying on Daniel and Lara. 43:08

33 - 2:04 – Daniel tells Bridget he and Lara are engaged. 45:12

34 - 1:30 – Bridget gets drunk and when she sobers up she puts her life on a new track. 46:42

35 - 1:06 – Bridget gets a job in television, where one is never sacked for shagging the boss. 47:48

36 - 1:51 – Bridget tells Daniel she'd rather wipe Saddam Hussein's arse than work for him (Daniel). 49:39

37 - 1:30 – Bridget winds up her first television assignment with her bum on national news. 51:09

38 - 2:07 – Bridget is roused from her depression to attend a dinner party full of smug married couples that leaves her even more depressed. Oh, and Mark Darcy is there with Natasha. 53:16

39 - 2:39 – Mark catches her on the way out of the party and gives his long speech that doesn't end up with her saying, "You had me at hello." Bridget doesn't know what to think. 55:55

40 - 0:29 – Bridget's friends manage to convince her she's wrong to consider responding to Mark. Let's not forget that they're single, in terrible relationships, and/or gay. 56:24

41 - 0:58 – Bridget's new boss gives her one more chance... 57:22

42 - 0:59 – …which she nearly flubs, but Mark saves her bacon. Introduces the colorful British phrase, "having a slash," which can only be uttered by men. 58:21

43 - 0:50 – Bridget interviews Kafir Agani and Eleano Heaney and becomes a legend. 59:11

44 - 2:05 – Bridget attempts to cook a gourmet dinner. Just as it explodes on her, Mum calls to say she's not happy with Julian. Then Mark shows up with some marvelously understated acting. 61:16

45 - 2:14 – Mark saves the meal and they share a moment, or a lot of them. 63:30

46 - 1:20 – Mark stays to dinner with her friends and they toast to Bridget just as she is. 64:50

47 - 3:11 – Daniel shows up and sweet-talks (manipulates) Bridget into thinking he wants to marry her. Please note that he never actually says "marry." Mark says he's leaving and then tells Daniel to meet him outside. 68:01

48 - 4:48 – Mark and Daniel fight inside and outside of the Greek restaurant. Despite Daniel's cheating, Mark wins. Bridget rejects both of them. 72:49

49 - 2:43 – Bridget's Mum comes home for Christmas. 75:32

50 - 0:49 – Bridget finds out the truth about Mark, Daniel, and Mark's cruel wife. 76:21

51 - 5:55 – A series of related scenes: Bridget rushes to the Darcy's and apologizes to Mark, only to find out that he's engaged to Natasha and on his way to New York. 82:16

52 - 1:21 – Montage of Mark flying to New York and Bridget resigning herself to spinsterhood and lunacy. 83:37

53 - 1:04 – Bridget's friends show up to take her to Paris. 84:41

54 - 1:26 – Mark shows up and tries to kiss her, but is interrupted by the cheers of her friends. 86:07

55 - 2:03 – Bridget postpones the moment to change into genuinely tiny knickers, which gives Mark time to read her diary. She comes out to find him gone and races out into the snow, stopping only to throw on some trainers. 88:10

56 - 2:44 – Bridget runs through the streets in her genuinely tiny knickers to apologize to Mark. She is relieved to find that he was buying her a new diary. They kiss and she says, "Nice boys don't kiss like that." He replies, "Oh yes they fucking do." 90:54

There are 56 major scenes that average 1 minute and 37 seconds in length. Only four of them are over 3 minutes long and seventeen of them are less than a minute long. The total length of the film itself, not counting ending credits, is 90 minutes and 54 seconds. The end credits are worth mentioning, though, because they are footage of little Bridget and little Mark Darcy shot to look like home movies. It's too cute.

The choice of songs in this movie is perfect.

Mark has a very long speech in scene 39 when he tells Bridget that he likes her just the way she is. Personally, I think this is a much better speech than "you had me at hello," but you'd have to ask Renee Zellwiger which one she liked better. I transferred the speech into Final Draft and, in standard formatting, it is 18 lines long. There are a few cut-aways to Bridget for her reaction during this speech, but it's mainly Mark talking. It's a good example of how to use long dialogue sections sparingly for effect.


Anonymous said...

This is great Miriam. One thing I comment on a lot in my reviews is scene length (and it's something I have to work on myself!). I think it helps a great deal to actually sit down, watch a film and observe how LONG scenes actually are. Bravo

Mystery Man said...

I couldn't agree more, Mickey. This work she does is very special. And I don't mind saying that not only is there more to come but she is planning on studying ALL the great filmmakers.

I'm really excited about this.