Friday, September 01, 2006

Miriam's Movie Breakdowns

The great Miriam Paschal is so passionate about screenwriting that she will actually time scenes when she watches movies. On rare occasions, she will even do a COMPLETE BREAKDOWN OF A FILM. Thus, I am so very proud to be offering you her movie breakdowns, which I will post periodically. They are rare screenwriting gems that you cannot get anywhere else. A lot of time and a lot of love goes into each study.

Also, you cannot simply read her movie breakdowns. You have to study them to really appreciate their value in terms of pacing, scene length, and how much that has to be accomplished in so little time. She WILL change the way you think about screenwriting...


A History of Violence

Body Double

Bridget Jones's Diary

Cape Fear vs. Taxi Driver



Inside Man


Rear Window

The Shower Scenes of Brian De Palma

The Skeleton Key

Taxi Driver


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Guest Breakdowns:

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