Friday, September 01, 2006

Art of STORY!

Indiana Jones 4 Articles

Advice on Characters

Elements of Suspense

On Breaking Structure

A Look at The Dark Knight Script

The Exposition of Rear Window

A Screenwriting State of Emergency!

Where Do I Put My Characters?

Your Movie Sucks!

Wall*E & The Robot Protagonist

Fatal Flaws in Screenwriting

Breathing Room in Films

Formula Freaks

The Question of Exposition

Minghella on the Page

The Nature of Today's Storytelling Debate

The Case AGAINST Character Arcs

Screenwriting Meditations

Internet's Impact on Cinema

Locations, Locations, Locations

100 Movie Cliches

The Ending for "No Country"

Diabolical Don G

The Power of Cinema's Images

Write the Shots!

Secondary Headings

"The Fountain" Analysis

Away From Her

Close-ups, Baby!

The Lives of Others

Youth Without Youth

Style & Writing for Existing Franchises

Book Review – Ann Wesley Hardin’s “Out of This World”

Play Review – Joshua James’ Tallboy Walkin’

Character Depth & Cast Design

Visual Storytelling, Part III

Visual Storytelling, Part II

The Art of Visual Storytelling

Rog Ager's Analysis of Films

Ager's Analysis of "The Exorcist"

Ager's Analysis of Scorsese's "Cape Fear"

Ager's Analysis of "Alien"

Satire & the Protag Serial Killer

Cinema Europe - The Complete Series

Character Arcs

Ager's Analysis of "Psycho"

Cinematic Storytelling

Rob Ager's "2001" Analysis

Disney's "Frog Princess"

A Long Time Ago... (for the Star Wars Blog-a-thon)

The "Psycho" Shower Scene!

"A Clockwork Orange" Analysis

Creative Inspiration

Kubrick Analysis & Tribute

Inner Conflict

"2001" Analysis

Robert Bresson's "Pickpocket"

The Godfather (for the blog-a-thon)

The Great Ones That Failed (for the blog-a-thon)

The Shining Analysis

15,000 Useful Phrases

Character Goals


Character Development Sheet

John Milius Interview

Chinatown Analysis

The Reverse Arc

The Politics of Page Numbers

Gone with the Wind


The Queen


The Great Voice Over Debate

On Character Arcs

Characters as Individuals

Mahler's Script-Beat Calculator

Weak Characters in Comedies