Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Films of Wes Anderson


Laura Deerfield said...

I *heart* Wes Anderson.
I know he's only made a handful so far, but each of his films is one I'd happily watch multiple times - and I'm not big on watching films more than once.

His framing and use of color...his complex, intelligent, quirky characters, and the way he combines humor, absurdity, tragedy and hope - all of them just make me purr.

Mystery Man said...

Story-wise, he can wander at times or be slow, but ya know, he's so wonderfully visual, that - I'm with you - I can watch him again and again and enjoy it.

I loved what Ebert said of the Darjeeling Limited:

"I said the movie meanders. It will therefore inspire reviews complaining that it doesn't fly straight as an arrow at its target. But it doesn't have a target, either. Why do we have to be the cops and enforce a narrow range of movie requirements? Anderson is like Dave Brubeck, who I'm listening to right now. He knows every note of the original song, but the fun and genius come in the way he noodles around. And in his movie's cast, especially with Owen Wilson, Anderson takes advantage of champion noodlers."


Janet said...

I bought The Darjeeling Limited last week for a friend's birthday, knowing that he'd like the artful scenes and camera-work, but I watched it again before sending it off and decided that it was even better the second time around.

I maintain that a sign of a truly gifted director, or author, what-have-you, is each time is better than the last.

I also have a thing for Adrien Brody, but that's beside the point.

Christina said...

Ditto what you all said.