Sunday, May 11, 2008

Say Hello to... ScriptGirl.

The vid above comes to us from ScriptGirl who writes:

"For the last 2 years I've been working as an assistant to an old school Hollywood producer. He's sort of a Jack Warner/Benito Mussolini hybrid, infamous for sleazy-ish behavior and general jackassery. Also, lucky for me, he hates 'those f***ing internets!' Not only am I woefully underpaid, but he also demands that I compile daily script sales info and read it to him as if he were a dimwitted child. Now I've decided to grab hold of the affirmative and use my 'job skill' to make the world a better place for my fellow screenwriters while simultaneously making online mega-stars of my desk and office wall."


Laura Deerfield said...

Meow, scriptgirl's kinda hot.

Anonymous said...

Jackassery. My new favourite word.

Also, she's hit big in seconds. Harry Knowles, over at AICN, has given her a weekly platform on their site too.