Saturday, February 10, 2007

Paths of Glory

I cannot think of one legitimate reason for incorporating Paths of Glory into our study of Napoleon beyond the fact that I really love these scenes, that I love the tension that builds in the long tracking shot of the first scene which then explodes into battle, and I especially love the second clip, which I honestly believe is one of the top ten greatest scenes in cinema history.


Mickey Lee said...

One of my all-time favorites. Think I'm going to pop it in my DVD player, right now!

Mim said...

The scene in the cafe was very poignent. An entire range of emotions was explored with very simple shots. It was all in the performances.

The first scene made me wish I could finance The Mine.

Mystery Man said...

One of mine, too, Mickey.

Mim - I love that scene. The men are about to go back to the front line, and most likely, they will all die. The scene starts out as one thing and becomes something completely different. Enemies unified. The power of feminity, music, love, home... I love that scene.