Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ager's Analysis of "Psycho"

Considering that we just had a post on the Psycho Shower Scene and Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train, why not a full analysis of Psycho?

I love the visual statement made by the double mirrors.

This may be my favorite study he's done. Good job.



Mim said...

Cool stuff about the mirrors. I wish I had noticed that before.

You know what I mean, MM.

Laura Deerfield said...

Some very good stuff... and a real challenge in thinking about how some of those ideas can be written into the screenplay. Some of it could be in language choices, and some of it in the juxtaposition of sentences... but all of this is convincing me that I'm going to have to take up directing. How else am I to get so much depth of imagery into the final product?

OK, so first I need to actually finish my screenplays.

Thomas Rufer said...

I'm a subscriber to Rob Ager's videos on on YouTube for many weeks now and his analysis' are great.

He's analysis' of movies are very useful for me as a filmmaker and the mirror stuff is great. I will have to implement that, once suitable, in my scripts.

Mystery Man said...

Thanks, Mim. I've grown to really enjoy his commentary. He's great at connecting similarities within a movie.

Laura - Hehehe... Is it any wonder so many writers become directors?

SP - Rob's great. He really is.