Sunday, June 24, 2007

Change of Blog Format

Hey guys,

Sorry for all of the clips I posted today. (Well, not really. I love them. They're full of superb analysis, and I selfishly wanted all of them on my blog.)

I’m cleaning up my dashboard and changing my blog format. I’m going to post fewer articles with more substance, which will provide us more time for discussion in the comments sections and give me a chance to visit other blogs.

Thanks so much. Enjoy the vids.



Laura Deerfield said...

Gonna take me a while to get through these!

Mystery Man said...

Yeah, sorry about that.

Mim said...

Working my way through. This guy is really interesting, but I don't think we should be thinking about analyzing to this depth.

A lot of thematic stuff in stories and film comes from the gut. I think we're all aware of it to some extent, or should be if we want to write with any depth.

Knowing your Joseph Campbell and Shakespeare and Brothers Grimm is all well and good, but this kind of analysis tends to "overthink" the story.

It's good that people are out there doing stuff like this, but I don't think it serves us as writers, or could end up getting in the way.

Laura Deerfield said...

For me, this level of symbolism and subtext comes from the gut, and the richness of it is helped by study of symbolism in general - but is refined in re-writes.

That's based on my experience with poetry... maybe less time refining is in order for a screenplay.

Mim said...

Refined in rewrites to be sure. I think it's when others view your work and give you feedback that you begin to see the themes and psychology that, on the first pass, came from the gut.