Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sopranos Endings You Can Live With

Okay, I was pissed about the ending. I believe I used the words "cowardly" and "chicken-shit." Well, that hasn't stopped me from reading everything I can on the subject. Of all the many articles I've seen, my favorite is the superb shot-by-shot analysis found here at A Lesson A Day, which is as good as any film study we've done.

And now, inspired by Timothy Noah's recent article in Slate Magazine, here are 6 alternate endings that will hopefully bring just a little more closure into your life.



1) Slightly better but not much:

2) Hehehe... Not bad. Not bad at all.

3) I love it! The blackout was a bit flawed, though.

4) Funnier than it should be:

5) A Chase-Scorsese mash-up. Great!

6) The final shot steals the show:


Anonymous said...

Dude, have you read Bob Harris's breakdown? Pretty fascinating - i have it on my blog -

Check it out.

Ann said...

Symbolism aside, I feel like a schlub for not at least thinking of the same thing as A Lesson A Day. Excellent take. It's exactly how it would happen with a shot to the head--at least for the lucky ones ;)

The other vids were fun!

Ann said...

Oh BTW, where's my surprise?

*tapping foot*

Mim said...

The stuff about the last supper and foreshadowing was interesting, but does it really make up for the initial emotional let-down?

On Six Feet Under, the main character died two or three episodes before the end, but everybody eventually died on that show. This fact was brought home in spades during the last five minutes. Death for the Fishers was more like the beginning of another journey than a final end.

I like the one with the earth exploding, because that's basically what the writers did with their audiences emotions.

Mystery Man said...

Joshua - Ya know, I tried posting comments to that article, but for some reason, it wasn't working. That was THE most superb analysis on the web. Thanks, man.

Ann - First, it's coming, which may not be the best phrase to say to an erotic romance writer, but believe me, it's coming. Hehehe... It's just, we're talking about having a "week of sex" on the blog and I may put it off until then. I'll let you know. It's in the works.

Mim - Hehehe... I never watched Six Feet Under, and that ending sounds AWESOME. I would've certainly prefered that in the Sopranos. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Got my comments fixed finally . . . yeah, Harris's analysis was spot on . . . and his jeopardy book is fun, too . . .