Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rog Ager's Analysis of Films

Okay, I love Rob Ager.

He studies films intensely. He posts his analysis of films under
Chumfun at YouTube. He runs the Collative Learning website where his basic aim is “to promote public interest in, and awareness of, advanced psychology and independent film making techniques.” He’s not afraid to face the hard truths about what any film may be telling us. He especially loves Kubrick films and studies them with the same zeal that I studied Kubrick’s Napoleon. How can you not love that?

He is, like us, one who participates in the free exchange of ideas about films for the next generation of filmmakers, which is exactly what I was alluding to eons ago in my
revolution post. He is, like us, combating “a society that is sadly turning away from the world of literature in preference of unbelievably mind-numbing forms of quick-fix entertainment.” He also writes, “I'm keen to attract a lot of people away from the brain-numbing stuff and toward active self-education, though this seems a monumental task at times.”

Listed below is the complete list of Ager’s analysis of films.

I’m going to keep adding his vids and updating this list.

Good job, Rob.




A Clockwork Orange – (updated with new vids!)


Scorsese’s Cape Fear

The Exorcist


The Shining


Anonymous said...

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