Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rob Ager's "2001" Analysis

Confession - I've grown to love Rob Ager's analysis of Stanley Kubrick films. As many of you may recall, this is the man who brought us the analysis of The Shining and Clockwork Orange, and he also runs the Collative Learning website. And there are more videos to come.

Good job, Rob.

By the way, I also have another great 2001 analysis post found here.



Laura Deerfield said...

That's some good shit.

Mystery Man said...

I think the same thing about many of your comments, Laura.

Sorry to be posting so much. I've got a billion "drafts" in my dashboard that I need to just crank out.


Laura Deerfield said...

Well, thank you. (I knew there was a reason I like coming here.)